Scorpio 17'


The Scorpio 17' is a telescopic crane nimble enough to fit in tight locations and lightweight enough to be mounted on e-cart platforms, while still being a smooth and superior way to move the camera. We are able to offer this crane through partnership with Collective Camera Cranes!

Extended Reach (from post): 17'5"
Retracted Reach (from post): 3'11"
Max Lens Height (underslung): 17'9"
Max Lens Height (overslung): 19'2"
Telescopic Range: 13'3"
Max Nose Load: 132lbs
Max Telescopic Speed: 4'11"/sec
Minimum Overall Height: 5'8"
Minimum Overall Length: 9'6"
Minimum Overall Width: 2'3"
Total Weight with max payload: 1,729lbs
Empty Arm Weight: 267lbs
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